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. >> it is a much more passive activity at least with an i-pod. you can actually engage children in education. >> they are low cost and they teachers and letters and teachers and numbers and shapes. i think those are positive. >> i am not saying if kids are staring at screens whether it is an i-pod screen or television screen it is a good thing. there is a thing called outside as in let's go play outside. >> which many kids don't do. >> we seem to be converging on the notion that it is okay. it has an educational value, but you can go way overboard and use it as a baby-sitter. >> which i think is what you said you do. i don't condemn you. >> on rare occasions. >> you said come 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. >> my daughter has learned a lot from the i-pod. >> and so has my 5-year-old. here is what i find rep rehencable -- repre hencable. safe zones when your child enters or leaves an area. this is not just kids using iphones. i am talking -- >> spying. >> spying on your kids. iphone spy stick mobile spy and it is software you can follow your kids in realtime. >> i would agree that parents need to be informe
capllan, this huge education company and that had a lot of dealings in washington and a lot of controversy and the washington post, the newspaper, had to steer around it and report on it. that happens in all big media companies. so i don't think it's very different in this case. so i think jeff basos' expertise, i think that's one. the other thing, though, one of the things he's shown with amazon is that he's willing to try a lot of different business models and wait, even if they fail for a while, wait for them to pay off opinion we saw this with amazon prime, with the kindle business, with his web services business, things take time to pay off. that's his real skill. he's willing to try different things and just wait. that's something the old sort of media companies couldn't do because they didn't have the money to wait around. >> and briefly, david, glenn greenwald is the showcase star of this new site. will that make many people think it's a liberal site or maybe that's a plus, like the huffington post which is granted as being left of center. >> i think the things that have been said
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)